Please contact Go Norland tour director, Linda Spencer if you’re interested in the 2018 Go Norland Going South Tour.

Traveling down the southern coast of Norway is spectacular. The rugged coastline is speckled with islands, narrow inlets, and skerries, as well as the many lighthouses guiding the seafarers. Along this stretch many Norwegians have summer cottages painted a glossy white. Colorful flower boxes and baskets lets you know they have arrived to leisure in the southern sun. From smooth and large boulder rocks to the more rugged terrain and finally the soft sandy beaches, all contributing to the exquisite beauty that Norway is famous for. A Norwegian holiday would be incomplete without a sea cruise. We’ll travel on the Hardanger Fjord by boat and into the fruit orchards entwined in the many smaller fingerling fjords. From Hardanger we traverse thru the Telemark area until we complete our tour in Oslo. Go Norland’s Going South Tour gives you coastal Norway’s nature, music, culinary, and adventure in an unforgettable travel experience.