Høst!  The coming of Fall brings to my mind memories in the past.

Tradition!!  Not for the 'now' experience and feeling, but saving for a future date, be it a holiday, fest, or just to give us that warm feeling of a past memory to keep us going, to ponder on and enjoy.

Today everything seems to be for the 'now' feeling and experience. NOW I need to do this or that to have the immediate experience or feeling of accomplishment, enjoyment, thrill. What do we look forward to? Traditions are what we create for ourselves and others to experience for a later date. We create, and then, experience again later and later and later...

 We hear a song, it elicits a memory. When we eat certain foods, it brings to memory a time from the past. When a new season begins, all of the seasonal memories come to mind.

Every time I bake a cake, my grandson is so excited. "Who's Birthday is it Bestemor?" he asks.  It is a memory of a time of celebration for him.

When I think of Tyttebær (Lingonberries), Multer (Cloud berries), Cantareller (chanterelle mushrooms), moss, Lyng (Heather), støvler (my blue Norwegian rubber boots), and more, it draws me to the mountains (fjell) in Norway.  Up to the mountain family cabin where we spent our summers and more, picking berries, hiking over the mountains, and in the quiet, listening to the music from the wind, and from the sheep and goats in the distance. In the early morning we would be woken by their bells clanging, waiting impatiently for their daily dose of course salt treats on the big white rock.

Autumn colors paint a beautiful fall display for our memory bank to stir up later in the cold months to come and invite us in after the warmth of summer. We pick Tyttebær, placing it in the freezer to be pulled out at various times in the future to make Trollkrem, Bløtekake, or just with sugar added, for the holidays. My cousin just picked her dose of Multer. She's placing them in the freezer to be brought out at Christmas time. I pick Lyng to place in the home to dry, reminding me of my memorable times in the mountains. A work out gives us a feeling of accomplishment, creating.....Memories for the future.

When Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.....are all locked up, I go to my memory bank with the vivid colors, smells, tastes, and experiences I have had in the mountains. I have been creating and gathering memories from the past that I can and will experience later....Tradition! A warm feeling, sending out the cold memories, bringing in the warm, colorful, and sensational ones.  Now, that is longtime, continuous fulfillment!