HJERTE-HEARTS A way of life in the Norwegian people.

I have often wondered why Norwegians use hearts for so many different ways. Hearts on doors. Hearts in every department in the stores! In the homes. On the outside of the home. Carved in churches and old buildings. Even in the WC. Then there is the conclusion of a letter...Hjertelig hilsen or heart full of greeting, and Hjertelig Velkommen or with heartfelt welcome. And, hjertelig takk, or, heartful of thanks. Hearts in photos using the outdoors, with the hands in the sun...And then of course, making sweet heart waffles!

I have asked a few Norwegians themselves what makes the heart so important? And not a love symbol or sexual innuendo as so many see it for.

Most of the answers they have are unknown or they hadn't really thought about it. It must be something that just comes from the heart (no pun intended). 

Maybe it is because the weather can be so cold and the heart is a warm place to linger either by thought or kinship. Gathering warmth with heart decor brings in the warmth and sunshine to a room. Remembering good warm times with a gathering of friends and family maybe?
Hearts remind us that we are loved and thought of. Maybe its an optimistic way of bringing in the good to our homes and lives.

There is a company called Hjerte.com based out of Son, Norway. All they do is create and make heart jewelry.

I use Norge mitt hjerte, fjord og fjell tur, or Norway in my heart fjord and mountain tour to as a way of showing you the very special place in my heart that Norway means to me. I am so very grateful to have been raised in this beautiful country!

So i leave you with an ongoing thought......what does a heart mean to you? And , how will you now use it?