Going Home Again

In a few days I will be going home, then in six weeks I'll be going home again. Home in Norway and home in the US. When I was 12 years old, apparently I had to make the decision as to what nationality I wanted to keep. Of course my mother made the decision for me to become a U.S. citizen.

I was born in Norway at Ullevål hospital in Oslo. I also had my tonsils out there and I can even remember it.  At that time, the hospitals were overly sterile and I only had white walls and floors to look at. Even the saucy porridge I ate was white. Alone at 10 years old, it felt like a grown-up experience, as my parents were not allowed to stay with me. 

My childhood memories bring me back to singing in the Norwegian Kringkasting girls choir. It is a vivid memory. Just to think that at the age of eight years old,  I had to get there and back by bus in the late afternoon and evening all by myself.  The big highlight of the choir was that we were on television one Saturday. In those days, this was rare.

Coming to the U.S. when I was just 12 years of age seeing the big Statue of Liberty and our big Oslo-fjord cruiser boat anchoring in the gigantic New York harbor, one can only imagine how my eyes were big with excitement. Especially when our new car, a summer blue Oldsmobile station wagon was waiting for us. I remember at the store, my sisters and I were given Lifesaver rolls for candy.  There was no reason at this point to even comprehend the decision of nationality......until this day.

Here in Norway is where my history lies–my nationality is strong, my heritage and memories run deep within the walls of this family cabin–now my home away from home. 

I have bought a cabin by the Oslo Fjord!