Blog Desember

There is a little bit of Heaven that comes to my life this Jule time.....

Today i visited my almost 95 year-old mother, along with my daughter and grand-daughter. Four generations of beautiful women in a photo opportune. It was an emotional time for me. My mother does not speak much anymore, she has a quiet, sweet disposition with her dementia. But I know deep in her soul, she's aware. Her eyes widen as I sing to her, 'Her kommer dine arme små', and 'Jeg er så glad hver Jule kveld'. A few months ago she sang with me, but now she is quiet.

A little bit of Heaven has come down today as I ponder on the memories of Christmastime as a child in Norway. All white, glistening with snow, singing a solo in our children's choir that my mother led at the American Lutheran church in Oslo, shopping in Karl Johan with for family presents. I remember having to take a nap on Little Christmas Eve, the 23rd, and the center doors to the living room were closed. When we woke, the tree had been decorated and dressed in our best we would have the fanciest dinner at my great aunt and uncles home. Of course, the Julenisse came on Christmas Eve for a visit. Here in the states, my mother carried out our Norsk traditions. The 7 traditional cookies were made with fine detail and both my mother and father made them together. Lutefisk was a big part of our dinner, and singing around the Christmas tree and reading Jesus' birth story before we were to open the presents, one by one. I could go on and on, and Im sure you could as well.

Stirring up memories of my Norwegian family, on earth and in Heaven, it brings to my mind many traditions that I now carry on with my own family, and I know will be passed down generations to come. Its like the chains that we make at Christmas time, loop to loop intertwining around the tree. 

Heaven came down to earth today, and glory filled my soul.
Gledelig Jul!