Experience the wonders of Norway with a unique and affordable holiday designed by our own travel expert–the thrill of exploration, the love of the land, and the trip of a lifetime to learn Nordic culture. Go Norland brings the heart Norway to your travel experience.



Discover Norway with a travel expert, Linda Spencer. Linda’s unique background brings the heart of Norway to your holiday. Go Norland’s 14-day excursion brings you personalized tours with first-hand experience to Norway's most famous attractions and their fjords. Go Norland–an unforgettable travel experience.

Norge mitt Hjerte,  Fjord og Fjell ›

Norway–one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Go Norland's signature tour up the coast begins in Bergen traveling as far north as Harstad. Experience dramatic landscapes in Lofoten combined with the midnight sun that never sets creating lifetime memories.

Coastal Norway Guided Tour–A Midsummer Memory  ›

Norway's magnificently craggy western coast has much to offer the adventurous traveler. Go Norland’s Going South Touris an unforgettable travel experience; a private journey with first hand experience and dedicated personal service.

Going South  ›